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Does anyone know where one would look to check if the latest version is different to what they have? Zamerion2 Juve. Sep 27, 48 68 The Necromunda: Dark Uprising boxed set contains absolutely everything that two people need to start fighting battles in the underhive. Grab a box, assemble the models and then all you need to do is decide whether you want to start a rebellion or crush one.


The box features 26 fantastically detailed Citadel miniatures — 15 sadistic Corpse Grinder Cultists and 11 Palanite Enforcers. All of these incredible models come with multiple options allowing you to really customise your gang. Only through careful planning and perfect execution can you hope to conquer the underhive.

Outwit your opponent, set traps and lead your gang to victory. But be careful — in the underhive, even the best-laid plans can come unstuck. The boxed set is just the beginning of your adventures in the underhive. There are other gangs you can fight with or against, as well as Hired Guns to recruit and campaign books that explore Necromunda and offer more depth to your games.

The Necromunda: Dark Uprising boxed set contains everything you need to fight vicious battles in the underhive between the insurgent Corpse Grinder Cults and the last bastion of law and order, the Palanite Enforcers.

Start a rebellion with these 15 sinister models. You get a Butcher to lead your gang of cultists, two Cutters to hack apart anyone who stands in your way and six Skinners, who form the heart of your gang. You also get six Initiates, the most recent inductees to the cult, desperate to prove themselves in the eyes of the Chaos Gods.

Bring law and order to the underhive with these 11 incredible miniatures. You get five Palanite Enforcers, the cream of law enforcement on Necromunda, armed with the finest weapons and carrying the best equipment. You also get six Palanite Subjugators — more heavily armed and armoured officers, trained in dealing with mass disturbances and with the weapons to take on crowds of criminals.

The Necromunda Dark Uprising rulebook contains the full background of the rebellion in Hive Arcos along with all of the rules you need to play the game.

You get the details of how to start your Enforcers or Cultists Gang, including full equipment lists for both and a campaign that captures the feel of a hive descending into lawlessness. All of the extra pieces you need to play your game, including tactics and fighter cards for both gangs and a set of territory cards for your campaigns.

You get 16 dice, made up of a mix of injury dice, ammo dice, scatter dice and regular six-sided dice, a clear plastic range ruler, clear orange plastic templates and blast markers for your flamers and grenades, and a set of double-sided tokens to keep track of in-game effects. The entire set has been designed to be as interchangeable as possible, meaning that you can create a huge variety of different layouts.

Really immerse yourself in games by setting up your terrain on this light-card gameboard.

Necromunda: Dark Uprising

One side features a Zone Mortalis board featuring ventilation ducts and a panelled floor. When things get really heavy, you can turn it over where you get the same layout but under red emergency lighting. Necromunda was founded some 15, years ago as a mining and manufacturing colony. In the millennia since, mountains have been reduced to rubble for the ore they contained and seas have been turned into oceans of chemical sludge.

Across the plains, huges city structures known as hives pierce the skies. In the lower levels of these cities, billions live, work, fight and die without ever seeing the light of day. Delve deeper into the darkness of the underhive with the Warhammer Community website. It includes articles on Necromunda tactics, along with features on how to convert and paint your models.Switch to English sign up.

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Why not join us? Kanluwen wrote: Got it. PS : I really appreciate the answers, folks. It's making me feel a bit more comfortable with the purchase of Dark Uprising as a 'standalone' starting point, and knowing I'd need more books later if I wanted to build out from there.

Right behind you. I'm figuring I'll have enough to figure out at the outset that grabbing the extra books is a "probably in " thing. Good to know though! Chikout wrote: The problem with this box is simply the way zone Mortalis terrain is made.Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Vault This category.

Necromunda LIVe

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necromunda dark uprising pdf vk

Overview Updates 8 Reviews 8 History Discussion. Print them in A4 and put in a sleeve with a spare MTG card for stiffness. For those who do not want to spend a fortune on all the cards and for those who want some more variety than plain text on original cards. Will update with new sets. Join the discussion More information. Share this resource Link. Bear in mind Read more…. Latest reviews JawRippa 5. Fefnirdragon 5. JawRippa 5.Night Shriekers. Volume 5. Space Marines Lieutenant Amulius.

Prophecy of the Wolf starter. Valdor: Birth of the Imperium. Road to Redemption. The Saga of the Beast. The Jagged Edge. Canoness Dialogus Seraphim Squad Zephyrim Squad. Repentia Squad Adepta Sororitas Rhino Immolator Battle Sanctum. Saturnine Limited Edition.

necromunda dark uprising pdf vk

Battletome: Seraphon Battletome: Seraphon Limited Edition. Warscroll Cards: Seraphon Realmshaper Engine. Bigby Crumb, Ratling Slopper. Red Salvage. Talons of the Emperor: Valerian and Aleya. Jain Zar Drazhar Howling Banshees Incubi Legion Pin Badge Set I. Fomoroid Crusher. Mindstealer Sphiranx. Necromunda - House of Chains. Goliath Stimmers and Forge-born.

Blackstone Fortress: No Respite. Goliath ' Zerker. Mercator Sanguis Slaver Entourage. Adeptus Titanicus Manufactorum Imperialis. Adeptus Titanicus Titan Command Terminals.Necromunda is a skirmish-level wargame designed to be played in an "open campaign" format. Originally released init was overhauled in and re-released with a new box set and updated weaponry reflecting the expansive lore changes to the Warhammer 40k Universe.

Although released init is so 80s even in its new edition it makes you want to snort a kilo of coke and vote Ronald Reagan's corpse into office. Rather than each player taking turns to move their entire gang, players take turns to activate a single model with two action points; actions such as moving, shooting, taking cover, or reloading consume one action point, while some will require two action points, such as charging or hitting.

Some single-point actions cannot be taken twice, such as shooting. A model can only shoot at the closest enemy model unless they pass a coolness check or something farther away is easier to hit. The game turn is divided into activations; every activation encompasses 1 miniature, although some special rules modify this - for example, a "Leader" can activate up 2 additional models within 4", or a "Champion" can activate 1.

First, every mini gets a ready token, and you and your opponent roll off. The player that rolls higher may choose 1 ganger and activate it for two actions, consuming that mini's ready token. After one ganger has played, your opponent may do the same for one of his gangers, and so on.

Once there are no more ready tokens on the board, you resolve end-of-turn effects, and then repeat. First off, you have to pick a faction for your gang. Factions determine your choice of starting wargear, the basic statline of your gang members, and the skill trees they have access to. When you first make your Gang - and any time you add members to it - you must obey the following rules:.

Rating is the sum cost of every Fighter and remember, a Fighter's cost is the sum of their personal cost and their gear cost. Consequently, it's unwise to fight against a gang with a lower rating than your own since you have less to gain from a victory and have less control over the scenario.

Reputation on the other hand is always good - a higher reputation means you can recruit more Champions, find rare equipment more easily, and the two highest reputations at the end of a campaign fight over who wins the entire campaign, with reputation serving as their tiebreaker if they draw during the scenario.

necromunda dark uprising pdf vk

Gangs can also form Alliances for the duration of a campaign, symbolizing a connection to a prominent group like one of the guilds or a criminal organization. These grant benefits such as expanded Wargear options or adding free Hired Guns to a scenario, but they also come with drawbacks such as having less control over which scenario is chosen or giving up part of their gained credits. These drawbacks can be ignored, but the other party won't like it- they may temporarily deprive you of the alliance's benefits or end it entirely.

The Law and Misrule campaign type adds Alignment, which determines whether or not your gang abides by the laws of Necromunda. This determines what kinds of Hired Guns they can use, as well as a mixture of other benefits and drawbacks depending on whether or not the gang is on the wrong side of the law. While it is possible to switch alliances partway through a campaign, doing so comes with steep costs.

Typically, Leaders have cheaper access to more skills particularly the Leadership skills than the other roles, while Champions have cheaper access to something than the others. Experience costs vary by what you are buying - some stats cost more than others, some skills cost more than others depending on your role and House, and so on. Juves and non-Specialist Gangers do not have to pay escalating costs for Advancements, but have some restrictions to go along with that.

Juves typically have the least access to cheap skills, compared to Leaders, Champions, and Specialists, and if you end a campaign referred to as a Turf War with any Juves that have 5 or more Advancements, they must promote to Champion, immediately forcing them to begin paying Advancement taxes.

Non-Specialist Gangers have no access to skills at all, but buy stats by paying a non-escalating cost and then rolling 2d6; if they roll a 2, a 12, or any result that would force a stat above its maximum, they promote to Specialist, gaining access to skills but being forced to pay Advancement taxes. Any other result, depending on what it is, raises your choice of one of 2 stats. The nature of the table is that, starting with their second Advance, they pay less experience per stat gain than anyone but a Juve, but can't buy skills at all, and run a constant risk that slowly goes up over time of promoting to Specialist and being forced to pay taxes.

Leaders and Champions bought new start with one Primary skill of their choice; for everyone else, there are ways to gain skills as an Advancement. For all of the options below, the way to handle rolling a random skill you already have is to re-roll it, which is identical to rolling a smaller die type 1d1, 1d2, 1d3, 1d4, or 1d5, although the d4 or the d5 will require non-d6 dice on hand - the easiest way to handle both cases at once is to keep a d20 aroundbut isn't actually supported by the rules.

All of them cost experience points and add to the fighter's credit cost - aside from the downside of making the entire gang's rating go up, this also makes the fighter a larger liability, since they're worth more to the enemy when captured. Champions have 2 Primaries and 3 Secondaries, while Leaders have 3 Primaries and 2 Secondaries, but the "additional" skill set they have is always Leadership - Secondary for Champions and Primary for Leaders.

Necromunda: Dark Uprising Designers' Interview

Later expansions added unique skill categories usable only by specific gangs, such as the Savagery, Palanite Drill and Muscle skill categories. Similar to Warhammer 40, Necromunda is a fairly fast paced skirmish game focusing on a small fight between two gangs.

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